[rfc-i] How to indent artwork with surrounding block

Brian E Carpenter brian.e.carpenter at gmail.com
Wed Feb 17 14:11:19 PST 2016

>>> *One* way to do so is to
>>> insert the "<CODE BEGINS>" / "<CODE ENDS>" brackets.

Sure. It's suggested for when the "code" conditions aren't applied
implicitly, i.e. when using a form of code that isn't listed at

I use them in a current draft that contains CDDL, for example, because
I want that CDDL to be available for anyone to use in a syntax-driven
implementation. But I don't need them for the values defined in the IANA
Considerations, because those are automatically covered as "tables of values".

"classical programming code" is also covered automatically, so you don't
need the markers for C code, ever.

The Trust documents are crystal clear. It's a choice the document author
needs to make.


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