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Fri Feb 12 10:11:33 PST 2016

I had sent this to iab at iab.org - forwarding to this list.

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Subject: svg-rfc: Does not seem ready for comments
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 2016 14:03:11 -0700
From: Doug Royer <douglasroyer at gmail.com>
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In general I think it is a wonderful idea. As this gets settled I can
see or hope for downloadable graph type templates that can be filled in
and used.

I saw the announcement on ietf-announce for comments.

It does not not look ready. Section 2.1 seems to be someones notes, not
specification. Which is fine for starting the process.

And 2.1 seems to attempt to be a text version of Appendix A. Except they
do not match.

I started creating XSLT script to rip out non svg-rfc nodes from the SVG
data generated by troff/PIC. Making some progress, however its difficult
to tell until the svg-rfc specification is more complete.

I noticed the mismatch by running the jing command. Section 2.1 the
TSPAN element does not have X or Y properties, yet they seem to pass as
valid when in a XML file when tested per Appendix A 'jing' tool.

  jing -c SVG-1.2-RFC.rnc post-xstl-transform.xml


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