[rfc-i] HTML version of xml documents

Dave Crocker dcrocker at gmail.com
Thu Dec 1 10:50:43 PST 2016


I'm reacting to output for Internet Drafts, but feel that format issues 
for RFCs and I-Ds should be the same, and this is the only solid venue 
for discussing such things, so...

The html version of an xml2rfc document is little more that a txt 
version with active links.  (Maybe nothing more; maybe a little more; I 
haven't done an actual audit.)

Also a disclaimer:  I haven't tracked recent discussions about 
html-izing RFCs.  I'm just reacting to what output is now being 
generated for drafts.  I thought I heard a long time ago that some 
professional graphic design was going to be applied to this, but it 
clearly hasn't reached the html generator for I-Ds...

It's important that the ability to have fonts and graphics not lead to 
excessive formatting cleverness, but I think we also lose readability 
benefits by ignoring these features.

To that end, I suggest at least these kinds of changes:

0. Pagination


1. Headings

    The only current action is to make the heading bold.

    I suggest also varying font size, according to heading level.

    I also choosing a non-black, dark color, for additional emphasis. 
I'm a fan of dark blue.  Julan seems to currently favor green.

    Vary the vertical spacing above the heading, again according the 
heading level.

    Hmmm.  Html does a number of things when using it's own heading 
constructs, whereas the current generator invents span-based mechanisms. 
  So perhaps most of what I'm suggest devolves to:  use html heading and 
tweak fontcolor and size.)

2. Tables

    Use html tables, rather than emulating the text ascii style


   Dave Crocker
   Brandenburg InternetWorking

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