[rfc-i] [IAB] draft-iab-xml2rfc-03, "2.45.9 "prepTime" Attribute"

Joe Hildebrand (jhildebr) jhildebr at cisco.com
Mon Apr 18 10:51:02 PDT 2016

On 4/17/16, 3:44 AM, "IAB on behalf of Julian Reschke" <iab-bounces at iab.org on behalf of julian.reschke at gmx.de> wrote:

>"The date that the XML was processed by a prep tool. This is included in 
>the XML file just before it is saved to disk. The value is formatted 
>using the format from [RFC3339]."
>Might be good to be more precise here, such as with
>  "using the 'date-time' format defined in Section 5.6 of [RFC3339]."


>(Also, do we want to restrict time zone information to just "Z"?)

Yes, please.

Joe Hildebrand

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