[rfc-i] Bring Back the BR! Re: typesetting poetry

Miek Gieben miek at miek.nl
Mon Oct 12 01:15:34 PDT 2015

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>>On 9/5/2015 7:56 AM, Donald Eastlake wrote:
>>>Section 1.1 of RFC 6325 is also a poem.
>>See: a modern reference!
>To clarify and modulate my outburst:
>There is in fact a <br> (in v3 xml2rfc-15 and beyond), but it only 
>appears as the child of a <th> or <td> element; it cannot appear in a 
><t> element (aka paragraph).
>I suppose that means that poetry, and pseudocode, can appear inside 
>tables (namely tables with one column and one row), but not inside 
>"text" per-se. Inside <th> and <td>, <t> is mutually exclusive with 
>the other elements including <br>. I suppose that if your poetry or 
>pseudocode has multiple paragraph-like divisions (e.g., multiple 
>stanzas, multiple verses, multiple function blocks), you need to put 
>them in multiple cells or rows. Not really sure about the wisdom of 

<br> only solves the line-break. Leading whitespace (for instance) is also a
problem. Basically: for poetry you'll need a paragraph-type where *all*
whitespace is significant.


Miek Gieben

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