[rfc-i] suggestion for the RPC, IEEE standards

Tony Hansen tony at att.com
Tue Jul 21 01:09:20 PDT 2015

On 7/21/15 3:41 AM, John R Levine wrote:
>> I think these scrapers (yours and Eliot's) are great.
>> To be able to introduce some more tool support on the authoring side
>> we'd need to find out how to stabilize these as a service -- this could
>> be a tools service, a secretariat service, an RPC service, etc.
> My IEEE scraper isn't entirely automatic since you have to manually
> download a CSV of the standards from their site first (too much
> javascript to automate) but it's all pretty simple.

Thank you John.

Hmmm, okay, you're able to take a CSV file manually downloaded from the
IEEE site and convert that to a <reference> XML block. Is that correct?
Thank you for that piece of the puzzle.

Where I got stuck the last time I looked at this was on the other side
of the puzzle. After digging through the javascript and figuring that
out, I was then hit by rate limiting from their site when I tried to
download a CSV file for all of their standards. They wanted to only let
me have a subset of their entries. Perhaps I was just trying to bite off
too much at a time.

    Tony Hansen

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