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Tony Hansen tony at att.com
Sat Jul 18 08:01:15 PDT 2015

On 7/18/15 10:13 AM, Eliot Lear wrote:
> Hi Tony,

Hi Eliot

> On 7/13/15 12:32 PM, Tony Hansen wrote:  ...
>> On 7/12/15 3:46 AM, Eliot Lear wrote:
>>> One related question: can anyone at the RPC comment on how you plan to
>>> maintain the non-IETF files?  I'm hoping the answer is simply that
>>> you'll import information that individual authors provide.  For
>>> instance, I'm currently writing a draft that makes use of IEEE standards
>>> that you currently don't have.
>> That's not currently in any plans. The other bibxml are not moving
>> anywhere else.
>> For non-RFC and non-Internet-Draft bibxml issues, you can always send
>> an email to citations at rfc-editor.org. Alice Russo and I both monitor
>> that mailing list.
> Can I suggest that it make it into some plans?  It's easier for the
> RFC Editor to catch as catch can than it is for people (most of whom
> are not on this mailing list) to email citations at rfc-editor.org.

I'm not sure what you're suggesting.

First off, by "non-IETF" files, I am going to assume that you're
referring ONLY to the "bibxml2" (aka "bibxml-misc") repository and not
the bibxml4 (w3c), bibxml5 (3gpp) or JSF (xmpp) repositories. These
latter ones are fed directly from their relevant feeds or hosted elsewhere.

The RFC Editor (actually, the RFC Production center) does have direct
write access to the bibxml2 repository. They certainly don't need to
have their own copy of the bibxml2 repository to do things with it.

But what is that they can do "catch as catch can"?

They cannot be prescient and know a priori what references people will
want. So people need to let us know when there's an additional
miscellaneous reference that is needed.

Are you suggesting that they add references after the fact for ones that
have been used in published RFCs and are not currently present? That's
not something that they currently do and would be a nice addition. I
would start a separate thread with this as a topic and include Heather
as a CC (<rse at rfc-editor.org>). It would require additional work on
their part though, and their cycles are sparse as it is.

Note: there's been an effort going on in the background for the past
couple years to get a feed of the IEEE standards that could be turned
into bibxml files. Unfortunately, we've made little progress on this
front. IEEE's search tools provide quite a lot of access but, as of 6
months ago, aren't quite sufficient to the task.

    Tony Hansen
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