[rfc-i] XML citation library for RFCs (bibxml)

Carsten Bormann cabo at tzi.org
Sun Jul 12 01:13:16 PDT 2015

Tony Hansen wrote:
> The ONLY question on the table is the removal of the <format> elements
> from within the <reference> element of the */bibxml entries for the
> RFCs. These <reference> elements will contain targets to the RFC
> meta-info page.

I didn't try to answer that question because I don't have input on that.
My code doesn't use the format entries.
(Because it was trivial to do that, it actually provides a way to
generate format entries*) for references sourced in the document, if
desired, but I don't have visibility into whether anybody ever has seen
a need to use this code.)

Grüße, Carsten

*) As in:

      TXT: http://foo.bar/baz.txt
      PDF: http://foo.bar/baz.pdf


  <format type="TXT" target="http://foo.bar/baz.txt"/>
  <format type="PDF" target="http://foo.bar/baz.pdf"/>

Obviously, I'm not taking part in any activity that could employ the
word "octets", even as an attribute name. :-)

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