[rfc-i] Units

John Levine johnl at taugh.com
Wed Jan 28 15:35:19 PST 2015

In article <54C95D28.2090203 at gmail.com> you write:
>Definitely not a troll. I would like to see one line in the
>style guide: SI units are preferred. Really, for the vast majority
>of humans acres, gallons, pounds and miles are meaningless.

I wouldn't have thought that we could have an argument less useful
than on how to spell color or favour, but I see I was misinformed.

As noted, acres and hectares have no relation to anything we are
likely to standardize.  And I can also tell you that in the United
States, which I believe still is the home of the largest chunk of
IETF participants, nobody has any idea how big a hectare is, nor
could they tell you how to dress if the weather outside were 20C.

Please stop.


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