[rfc-i] Can the web be archived?

George, Wes wesley.george at twcable.com
Tue Jan 27 10:37:30 PST 2015

I'm thinking that something like archive.org would be more in keeping with
the IETF's preference for open source tools, especially since the wayback
machine can point to a specific point in time, thus ensuring that the
reference being cited is seen as it was when the citation was made, rather
than after subsequent changes may have been made.

Per https://archive.org/about/faqs.php#The_Wayback_Machine

There are some limitations on what they archive that might make some pages
incomplete, sometimes in a meaningful way, but rather than being dependent
on (or throwing money at) a commercial service to address this need to
have stable access to references, I'd rather see us put donations (of
money or volunteer time) toward addressing those limitations so that it's
a useful solution for us, since it also improves their archival ability
for non-IETF uses.
In other words, this is a problem that is not unique to the IETF, but the
IETF may be well-suited to help fix it. If archive.org isn't a suitable
permanent archive for web content, let's identify why, and try to identify
the resources to fix it so that it is, since that "makes the internet
better" while solving our problem.


Wes George

On 1/24/15, 1:21 PM, "John Levine" <johnl at taugh.com> wrote:

>In article <54BDEA76.5070309 at cisco.com> you write:
>>The New Yorker reports[1] about how links go stale on the web, and how
>>this is impacting journals and the like.
>The article also mentions a web site perma.cc, which is a long term
>archiving service that says it's already used by a slew of law
>If this is a problem we need to solve, perhaps someone could see how
>well they solve it for us.  The web site says anyone can enter a URL
>which will be archived for two years, and they'll generate a perma.cc
>redirect for it.  Journal editors can check that links are what a
>reference in an article says they are, and "vest" them to be archived
>permanently, or at least as permanent as perma.cc is.
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