[rfc-i] v3imp #2 Control over paginated output

Julian Reschke julian.reschke at gmx.de
Sat Jan 24 00:14:21 PST 2015

On 2015-01-24 07:27, Sean Leonard wrote:
> On 1/23/2015 3:25 AM, Julian Reschke wrote:
>> On 2015-01-23 10:02, Sean Leonard wrote:
>>> Improvement Need
>>> #2 Control over paginated output
>>> ...
>> I still believe that this is an over-optimization for an edge case.
>> That being said, the V3 draft already contains some of these hints, so
>> if you want to help you really ought to review what's there, and if
>> you believe that's insufficient give a concrete example.
>> Best regards, Julian
>> PS: And yes, people won't look at the canonical XML. They *will* look
>> at the HTML.
> Thanks for the acknowledgement.
> V3 review:
> Summary: currently 2.54 <t> has
> @keepwithnext="true" ≈ page-break-after: avoid
> @keepwithprevious="true" ≈ page-break-before: avoid
> That is it.
> I propose:
> An attribute to control page breaking within the element should be added.
> The attributes should be called either:
> @pagebreakbefore, @pagebreakafter, @pagebreakinside
> (which is consistent with CSS 2.1)
> or:
> @keepwithnext, @keepwithprevious, @keeptogether
> (which is consistent with the current status quo)
> The values of @pagebreakbefore and @pagebreakafter should be "auto" /
> "always" / "avoid" / "left" / "right", with the same meanings as CSS 2.1
> <http://www.w3.org/TR/CSS21/page.html#page-breaks>, defaulting to
> "auto". (Actually I don't really advocate for "left" / "right"--just
> including for completeness. Feel free to say it's not appropriate.)
> The values of @pagebreakinside should be "auto" / "avoid", with the same
> meanings as CSS 2.1, defaulting to "auto".
> Attributes called @orphans and @widows should be added. The value is an
> integer. The default value is 2.
> In addition to <t>, the aforementioned attributes should be allowed on:
> <section>
> <table>
> <tr>
> <figure>
> <blockquote>
> Finally, while it goes without saying (does it?), adding such attributes
> to the title of a section is awkward since it would require annotating
> the deprecated @title, or allowing such attributes on <name>.
> Nevertheless it is appropriate to RECOMMEND that XML -> (X)HTML
> converters put the section title in an element that has the CSS styles
> "page-break-inside: avoid; page-break-after: avoid" applied. I do not
> believe that there are good reasons to waver from these stylistic
> choices for section headings.
> Concrete examples? Many have been mentioned on this list.
> draft-josefsson-pkix-textual is full of such examples, where I had to
> edit the HTML output manually to get the PDF version not to look so ugly.
> See in particular Tony Hansen's comment in
> <mid:5483B590.7020609 at att.com>
> <http://www.rfc-editor.org/pipermail/rfc-interest/2014-December/008511.html>:
> "~1900 examples of non-trivial preambles or postambles that really need
> to be kept with their respective figures/tables", for "~1500 RFCs".

I think that thread lead to the current extensions in the v3 draft.

Before we add even more than that, we need a *concrete* example of where 
that really is needed.

Best regards, Julian

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