[rfc-i] New version of the v2 and v3 examples draft

Tony Hansen tony at att.com
Wed Jan 21 06:51:16 PST 2015

On 1/21/15 5:24 AM, Miek Gieben wrote:
> [ Quoting <paul.hoffman at vpnc.org> in "[rfc-i] New version of the v2 
> and v..." ]
>> Greetings again. We have submitted draft-hoffman-rfcexamples-01.txt, 
>> which now uses an automated tool to generate the conversion from v2 
>> to v3 documents. We still have a long way to go, including more 
>> challenging parts of the v2 document, and adding a section on v3-only 
>> examples.
>> We would love to hear more comments on these examples, and what you 
>> would find useful in this draft.
> In the v3 draft it lists <seriesInfo> twice:
> <front><seriesInfo name='Internet-Draft' 
> value='draft-example-of-xml-00'/>
> <seriesInfo name='std' value=''/>
> Is that correct?

Yes, this is correct.

See the v3 doc, section 2.27:

2.27. <front>

    Represent the "front matter": metadata (such as author information),
    abstract, and additional notes.

    A <front> element may have more than one <seriesInfo> elements.  A
    <seriesInfo> element determines the document number (for RFCs) or
    name (for Internet-Drafts).  Another <seriesInfo> element determines
    the "maturity level" (see Section 4 of [RFC2026]), using values of
    "std" for "Standards Track", "bcp" for "BCP", "info" for
    "Informational", "exp" for "Experimental", and "historic" for
    "Historic".  The "name" attributes of those multiple <seriesInfo>
    elements interact as described in the section on <seriesInfo>.

and 2.48:

2.48. <seriesInfo>

    Specifies the document series in which this document appears, and
    also specifies an identifier within that series.

    A processor determines if it is working on an RFC or an Internet-
    Draft by inspecting the "name" attribute of a <seriesInfo> element
    inside the <front> element inside the <rfc> element, looking for
    "rfc" or "Internet-Draft".  (Specifying neither value in any of the
    <seriesInfo> elements can be useful for producing other types of
    documents, but is out-of-scope for this specification.)

    It is invalid to have multiple <seriesInfo> elements inside the
    <front> element inside the <rfc> element that have "name" values of
    "rfc", or that have "name" values of "Internet-Draft", or that have
    both "rfc" and "Internet-Draft".

    This element appears as a child element of: <front> (Section 2.27),
    and <reference> (Section 2.42; deprecated in this context).

    Content model: this element does not have any contents.

     Tony Hansen

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