[rfc-i] Digital Preservation Considerations for the RFC Series -- draft-flanagan-rfc-preservation-00.txt is posted

Dale R. Worley worley at ariadne.com
Wed Sep 10 09:40:25 PDT 2014

> From: Elwyn Davies <elwynd at folly.org.uk>

> Trivia question for steampunk geeks: Where is (was) the on/off switch on 
> an IBM 029 card punch?

Oh, God, I can query muscle memory about that:  Reach under the desk
part (into which is embedded the keyboard) with your right hand.
Reach back to the vertical surface of the back part of the machine.
It's a little below knee height, maybe six inches from the right edge
of the machine.  It's a really heavy toggle switch with up-down

The last time that was useful information for me must have been in
about 1977!


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