[rfc-i] draft-flanagan-rfc-framework-02 composition tools

Nico Williams nico at cryptonector.com
Fri Oct 31 16:57:07 PDT 2014

On Fri, Oct 31, 2014 at 6:32 PM, Joe Touch <touch at isi.edu> wrote:

I thought you could edit in the right pane and squish the left pane so
you needn't see the nroff noise.  Then it's pretty close to WYSIWYG.


> Which again expects me to edit source (markdown, in that case), and
> again be inside the compile/render loop.

Well, even Word will render differently when you save as HTML, change
paper size, ...

>> or LyX w/ lyx2rfc?
> The info here suggests the same sort of loop:
> https://github.com/nicowilliams/lyx2rfc

It's WYSIWYM (the M is for "mean"), and pretty close to WYSIWYG.

I don't see the value in WYSIWYG: sure, it takes me out of the
compile/render loop, but then it puts me in charge of every last bit
of formatting.  Ugh, no thanks!

Thanks for your answers though: it reminded me of why I don't favor
Word for I-Ds/RFCs.

> Am I really the only person besides Stewart who thinks it's odd to have
> to *ever* touch source for a document I'm writing? Or to be involved in
> a manual source-edit/compile/render loop?

Speaking only for myself, I don't want to be in the business of
minding margins, font sizes, tab stops, other indentation white space,
making everything just so.  I don't want to use templates that work
until you screw up something and good luck recovering.  Not for me,

With LyX (or markdown, or...) most everything is trivial.

The hardest thing with *any* of these formats is references.  (I
really could make lyx2rfc handle those more automatically though, and
I might.)

The XML is also trivial enough for me, but it's just tedious for
live-editing.  Which is why I put together lyx2rfc.


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