[rfc-i] Provide a way to manage source files used in generating RFC XML

Riccardo Bernardini framefritti at gmail.com
Fri Oct 31 08:12:17 PDT 2014

> LyX also has edit tracking, which is *really* nice, though it leads to
> a token-passing type collaboration.  xml2rfc does not have edit
> tracking, so all edits have to be accepted or rejected before lyx2rfc
> can be applied to a .lyx with as-yet-unaccepted tracked edits.

Just a brief 0.02$.   My experience in writing  shared documents
(scientific paper and project proposals, mainly)  is that token-passing
collaboration is the only approach that works. Even if you have something
like Google docs where many authors edit the same document on-line at the
same time, you end up with some kind of "informal token passing" by asking
something like  "Ehi, can you update section 3.2 with the new state of the

> (I don't think xml2rfc should grow a vocabulary for edit tracking,
> convenient though it would be for me -- it would be too difficult to
> use directly.)
> Nico
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