[rfc-i] draft-flanagan-rfc-framework-02 composition tools

Joe Touch touch at isi.edu
Wed Oct 29 14:09:44 PDT 2014

On 10/29/2014 4:56 AM, Stewart Bryant wrote:
> I completely support this effort, it is long overdue.


> However I have concerns that there is insufficient priority given to
> input composition tools.


> To produce a suitable system will likely require IETF funding.

+1, if we continue to believe that commercial tools are insufficient.

> In my
> view this would be money well spent.


I continue to fail to see why the needs of the IETF are so unique,
compared to other standards orgs, that we need all this complexity and
cost vs. commercial tools to generate PDF.

I've continued to hear about cases where rare individuals want automated
access to structured information inside these docs, but these have
failed (IMO) to justify a real need (vs academic exercise), especially
compared to the impact on the authoring community.


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