[rfc-i] draft-flanagan-rfc-framework-02 composition tools

Stewart Bryant stbryant at cisco.com
Wed Oct 29 04:56:35 PDT 2014

I completely support this effort, it is long overdue.

However I have concerns that there is insufficient priority given to 
input composition tools.

The situation at the moment with XML is dire to say the least, and seems 
to be getting worse with looming issues reported concerning the popular 
XMLmind editing system.

First class documents need a first class composition environment so that 
authors can focus on their ideas and not be distracted by needing to 
satisfy the whims of the compiler.

I therefore think that a priority one task in this process, equal to the 
implementation of the rendering systems, needs to be the provision of a 
supported, well documented and widely available input composition system 
together with suitable tutorial support i.e. something much better than 
requiring authors to type version 3 XML directly into an ASCII text 
editor, or to undertake a personal s/w engineering project to install 
and maintain one of the boutique XML/RFC editing systems.

To produce a suitable system will likely require IETF funding. In my 
view this would be money well spent.

- Stewart

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