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Julian Reschke julian.reschke at gmx.de
Fri Oct 24 10:13:55 PDT 2014

On 2014-10-24 17:35, Dale R. Worley wrote:
> ...
> This being the universe of computers, we've been down this road
> before.  Viz., it comes time to reform some part of the universe, and
> for all sorts of good reasons, the Great New Thing incorporates all
> and only the things that we have good arguments for.  For instance, we
> stopped writing system software in assember and started writing it in
> Pascal, which was carefully designed to let you express the things you
> should be able to express and not express the things you shouldn't.
> Then we suddenly discover that there are things we need to express
> that we really *shouldn't* have to express, but somehow we *do* have
> to express.  For instance, people quckly found that Pascal doesn't let
> you do those tricky, ugly little things that save so much processing
> if you can just do the trick once in 10,000 lines of code.  The result
> is we write our system software in C, which lets you do as those
> horrible tricks, not Pascal.
> The real test of a new vocabulary is to rewrite a large sample of
> documents in the new vocabulary and *see what breaks*.  Because if you
> don't test it in reality, you can easily be designing the next Pascal.
> Dale
 > ...

Hint: there already is a conversion tool (written by Tony).

Best regards, Julian

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