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On 10/23/14 2:00 PM, Julian Reschke wrote:
> On 2014-10-23 22:46, Nico Williams wrote:
>> ... Let's not get into that debate (to paginate or not).  Instead
>> let's agree that some people really want to paginate.  Doesn't
>> matter why. Paper fetish?  OCD?  Aspergers?  whatever, it's not
>> your place to deny them, though you might not implement this
>> feature.  Let them (us) say "don't page break in this paragraph"
>> or "if you must, break around here". ...
> I'd prefer that what the formatter implements wrt page breaking in 
> paragraphs produces consistently good output. Do we *really* need 
> additional hints?
>> Defining such elements, making them meaningless in non-paginated 
>> media, and OPTIONAL to implement in paginated media, should
>> suffice.
> But then, it would also be good to avoid new features that aren't
> really needed.
> Maybe we can have this discussion once we have prototypes that
> *do* produce paginated output but fail to paginate in the "right"
> place? When that happens, we can discuss whether that's a bug in
> the formatter, or indeed a shortcoming of the vocabulary.

The v3 draft (and the other drafts that describe the requirements in
the new formats) will not become an RFC before we have running code.
I think holding off to see how the code handles the page breaking in
those formats where it matters and then determining whether the
vocabulary needs to be modified makes sense.

- -Heather

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