[rfc-i] [xml2rfc] Broken author field in several citations

Tony Hansen tony at att.com
Wed Oct 22 11:41:20 PDT 2014

The proper address to use for bibxml issues is citations at rfc-editor.org.

The bibxml files are created from the same data that generates the 
1id-index.txt and 1id-abstract.txt files. If you look in there, you'll 
find the following:

   "Requirements for IP Multicast Receiver Access Control",
   william.atwood at concordia.ca, Salekul Islam, Bing Li, 2014-07-04,

Look similar?

In other words, the underlying problem is in the I-D database.

Henrik, is this an issue that the ietf secretariat can fix?

     Tony Hansen

On 10/21/14, 6:09 PM, William Atwood wrote:
> The citation <xref target="I-D.atwood-mboned-mrac-req"></xref>
> produces the following output:
> [I-D.atwood-mboned-mrac-req]
>                william.atwood at concordia.ca, w., Islam, S., and B. Li,
>                "Requirements for IP Multicast Receiver Access Control",
>                draft-atwood-mboned-mrac-req-01 (work in progress), July
>                2014.
> Clearly the string "william.atwood at concordia.ca, w." should be "Atwood, W.".
> The same is true for three other Internet Drafts where I am first author:
> <xref target="I-D.atwood-mboned-mrac-arch"></xref>
> <xref target="I-D.atwood-pim-gsam"></xref>
> <xref target="I-D.atwood-pim-sigmp"></xref>
> Who do I talk to to get this fixed?
>    Bill

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