[rfc-i] Some ideas to improve RFCs

Sarah Banks sbanks at encrypted.net
Mon Oct 6 11:59:23 PDT 2014


> I am particularly curious as to whether people would find keywords
> presented at the top of the future HTML publication format a useful
> thing, or if that might result in too much clutter at the top of a
> page.  Maybe just a link that says "keywords" and takes one to a list
> of keywords for that RFC?

I'm not particularly married to this idea one way or the other, however, I don't know that I'd find the keywords very useful; search engines might have fun, but even then, I wonder if I'd still find myself clicking on a link, and reading through the first paragraph or two for a (hopefully) well written introduction/opening paragraph on what the draft is all about. I know this wasn't the point of the original post, but if we were writing better/the best intros, would key words be required? What problem is introducing key words trying to resolve?


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