[rfc-i] Some ideas to improve RFCs

Hosnieh Rafiee hosnieh.rafiee at huawei.com
Mon Oct 6 07:10:27 PDT 2014

(two messages in one message)
> I am particularly curious as to whether people would find keywords
> presented at the top of the future HTML publication format a useful
> thing, or if that might result in too much clutter at the top of a page.
> Maybe just a link that says "keywords" and takes one to a list of
> keywords for that RFC?

I think it depends on how many keywords are chosen for a RFC. Do you think we still have the space problem (too many words on top) if there is a limited number of  keywords? Say something like <10, does it work? 

> If the abstract is hard to understand, then that is a problem that
> needs to be fixed. A set of keywords can't substitute the abstract.
> So -1 on adding visible keywords (or even a link).

Sometimes it helps because the abstract cannot be so long too and also a person might not be able to fit all keywords embedded in the sentence of abstract. Therefore, IMO, it is really useful to have a keywords.


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