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> s/there are four was to include SVG/there are four ways to include
external artwork/


[Paul] It's not clear we want to do that yet.


The current text says:


There are at least four ways to include SVG in artwork in Internet
   o  Inline, by including all of the SVG in the content of the element
      (such as "<artwork type="svg"><svg xmlns...">")
   o  Inline, but using XInclude (see Appendix B.1
<https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-hoffman-xml2rfc-12#appendix-B.1>  (such
as "<artwork
      type="svg"><xi:include href=...")
   o  As a data: URI (such as "<artwork type="svg" src="data:image/
   o  As a URI to an external entity (such as "<artwork type="svg"


I don't believe that any of these methods are restricted to just including
SVG artwork.  I am not sure why you want to imply that there is such a
restriction.  These would be equally valid (with the correct updating of the
type field) for any type of valid artwork.   That is this is also valid for
any of the ascii-art types that are listed in section 2.5.8.  (With, of
course, the appropriate changes so that they are of the correct type and do
not use the svg element.




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