[rfc-i] Call for Review of draft-iab-styleguide-01.txt, "RFC Style Guide"

Julian Reschke julian.reschke at gmx.de
Wed Mar 12 10:04:24 PDT 2014

On 2014-03-12 17:58, Paul Hoffman wrote:
> I wrote that last message while not in my office, so I could not get to my copy of the CMOS. Now that I'm here, I'll throw in one more desired change. And, yes: http://xkcd.com/1285/
> Section 1 says:
>     The RFC Editor generally follows these accepted
>     rules as defined by the Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS) [CMOS], with a
>     few important exceptions to avoid ambiguity in complex technical
>     prose and to handle mixtures of text and computer languages.
> Section 3.2 says:
>     *  When a sentence ended by a period is immediately followed by
>        another sentence, there should be two blank spaces after the
>        period.
> And yet the CMOS (rule 2.12) says:
>     A single character space, not two spaces, should be left after periods at
>     the ends of sentences (both in manuscripts and in final, published form)
>     and after colons.
> So, either fix 3.2 to say "one blank space", or modify Section 1 to say that CMOS isn't always followed when because.
> ...

And furthermore, that would be a rule just for plain text output. Right?

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