[rfc-i] Fwd: Re: [Json] [Technical Errata Reported] RFC7158 (3907)

SM sm at resistor.net
Sun Mar 9 22:43:26 PDT 2014

Hi Martin,
At 21:44 09-03-2014,Martin J. Dürst wrote:
>Of course RFCs form an archival series. But at 
>least in my understanding, the defining aspect 
>of an archival series isn't that nothing, not 
>even the most silly and obvious mistake, can be 
>fixed even a second after publication. The 
>defining aspect of an archival series is that it 
>stays stable in the long term (where in the 
>specific case at hand, long term can be defined 
>as short as "longer than a day").

I agree that there can be silly and most obvious 
mistakes.  Such mistakes are not fixed when there 
is a rigid application of the principle.   Fixing 
a document within a day due to an obvious mistake 
is an alternative worth considering.  I would 
leave it to the RFC Series Editor to decide about 
what constitutes an obvious mistake.


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