[rfc-i] how do you use PDF versions of RFCs and Internet Drafts?

Leonard Rosenthol lrosenth at adobe.com
Wed Mar 5 09:39:22 PST 2014

Tony - what do you mean by "text structure" and "document structure"?
Those aren't PDF terms or concepts - so can you please clarify exactly
what you mean?

Also, is there a reason you combined Tagged PDF and Bookmarks? Just for
saving a bullet in the message or something else?

Thanks for asking the questions - looking forward to the answers.


On 3/5/14 9:57 PM, "Tony Hansen" <tony at att.com> wrote:

>On 2/25/14, 2:15 PM, Tony Hansen wrote:
>> I'm gathering information on how PDF versions of RFCs and Internet
>> Drafts are used by the community.
>> 1) How do you use PDF versions of RFCs and Internet Drafts?
>> 2) What are your preferred sources for these PDFs?
>> 3) What PDF features do you use? What PDF features do you not use?
>> Feel free to respond either privately or on the rfc-interest list.
>Thanks for those who have replied so far. Here are some follow-on
>4) For those of you who use PDFs within various reading programs, how
>important are features such as the following to you?
>     *) Text Structure
>     *) Document Structure
>     *) Metadata
>     *) Tagged PDF, bookmarks
>     *) Extractable Sections, such as
>         -) making the "code" extractable, where code might be things
>like ABNF, C code, etc.
>         -) embedding the XML source itself within the PDF
>     *) live links
>5) What would you like improved, if anything, in the PDF versions that
>you do use?
>6) Would you prefer a PDF rendering of a) what looks like the text
>version of the document, or b) what looks like the HTML version of the
>     Tony Hansen
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