[rfc-i] Two issues with draft-flanagan-plaintext-00

Dave Crocker dhc at dcrocker.net
Mon Jun 30 17:58:50 PDT 2014

On 6/27/2014 8:32 PM, Brian E Carpenter wrote:
> 2. The lack of pagination turns out to be much more annoying than
> I expected. Even in a short draft, I get a couple of widowed
> lines of text, and at least in my setup, there's no margin at
> the bottom of the page. (The lack of page numbers and running
> headers and footers is no loss, IMHO.)
> Given that without pagination, there is nothing to stop artwork
> being mangled either, I think we need pagination - but we don't
> need page numbers; just the form feeds.

I think it's worth going back to Brian's original observation and
suggestion and considering it carefully and narrowly, since the
suggestion is actually quite narrow.

I summarize it as:

   1. Drop headers and footers

   2. Have the txt generating engine inject FF intelligently, in order
to get better placement of pagebreaks, for systems honoring the
long-standing page break signal.

I believe all of the negative comments posted so far fall into only a
few categories:

   1. Not all (or, at least not very many) applications support FF

   2. Headers and footers in the middle of the page are distracting

   3. txt is evil, or at least archaic.

#2, of course, is irrelevant, since it is not part of his suggestion.

#3 is selling past the sale, beating a dead topic, and otherwise out of
scope for his narrow and constructive suggestion.

Worse, what's been missed is that Brian's suggestion falls somewhere
between useful and, at worst, benign, and for very little cost.

It does not cause problems on systems that ignore FFs; we have no
reports of its being mishandled.  And it does produce better results on
systems that honor FF.

Dave Crocker
Brandenburg InternetWorking

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