[rfc-i] New Version Notification for draft-flanagan-plaintext-00.txt

Ted Lemon mellon at fugue.com
Sun Jun 29 13:45:52 PDT 2014

On Jun 29, 2014, at 2:43 PM, Paul Kyzivat <pkyzivat at alum.mit.edu> wrote:
> This isn't a showstopper. But I think the implications need to be understood before deciding.

The implications of not having a way of doing this are similar.   And whereas now you don't have access to the XML, because it's not the canonical version, once it is the canonical version it will be easy to get.   So it's certainly possible that someone could make a mistake and use the wrong numbering, but it seems unlikely, since you'd want to refer to the canonical version of the document.   Do you routinely refer to the numbering from the text version of your pre-publication internet draft when discussing edits with the RFC editor?   How well does that work for you?   :)

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