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Tim Bray tbray at textuality.com
Sat Jun 28 19:45:06 PDT 2014

Hey, sequential numbering is so boring, how about, for that id=, a
128-bit hash of the paragraph contents, with a salt (OF COURSE) and
appropriate injections of entropy!  (I’m thinking Entropy as a
Service.) Each paragraph in each I-D has a universally unique
identifier!  Bring on the reasoning engines, and watch them overheat
and lock up.

On Sat, Jun 28, 2014 at 7:29 PM, Ted Lemon <mellon at fugue.com> wrote:
> On Jun 28, 2014, at 7:33 PM, Tony Hansen <tony at att.com> wrote:
>> Explain please what you think the difference is.
> Um.   I mean that the XML that is canonical has to have numbers in it, so that we don't have to rely on the presentation translators to all have the same algorithm for numbering paragraphs, and so that if I am looking at the XML for the document, I can see the paragraph numbers.
> IOW, a paragraph in the canonical XML should look like this:
> <p id="12">This is the paragraph that is numbered 12 in the document.</p>
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