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Julian Reschke julian.reschke at gmx.de
Fri Jun 27 10:55:44 PDT 2014

On 2014-06-27 18:38, Thomas Clausen wrote:
> ...
>> Whether or not something has a table number depends on the author who
>> wrote the XML. I usually don't want a number because I almost never
>> refer to a specific table, but the section it appears in.
> I do not want to pick particularly on you, Julian, because I *know* that
> what I am saying in the below is not your intent…..I am picking you
> *precisely* because I know it isn’t your intent — please forgive me for
> using you as an example here:
> When making an argument such as the above, it seems that your
> preferences and workflow overrides mine: not adding table numbers
> deprives me of the ability to use them as anchors for references — my
> adding table numbers doesn’t force you to use them, you can *still*
> reference the enclosing section.

Not quite. Table numbers imply an additional caption in the output that 
I personally find distracting, that's why I don't use it.

> Page numbers is the same: your *not* liking them, and *not* using them
> is fine, nobody forces you to — but removing them does force everybody
> else into your workflow and your preferences.

Please go back to Heather's email on this topic. This is a discussion we 
had two years ago, and a decision was made.

> I’m not saying that that’s your intent, I am just noting that the
> argument “We need to do XXX, because XXX is my preference and those who
> disagree are (in Ted’s words) silly” probably isn’t the best to use.
> Back to the issue at hand, what I tried to illustrate is that if page
> numbers are removed, then *every* other entity does need a number:
> tables, figures, artwork, paragraphs, …, since otherwise it becomes too
> tedious to figure out how to point to that which I want to point to. I
> think that what

I agree that every entity should be linkable, but not necessarily that 
that identifier needs to appear in the printed output. But that's 
definitively something we could experiment with.

>>> The table in section 8.6.2 (which also ain’t got no number), in my
>>> printout I get the “header” on the bottom of the page, and the only
>>> table row on top of the next. Poor splitting in the output format.
>> That is true. I'd like to investigate, so if you can tell me which UA
>> it is, and what your paper size is, I might be able to find out what's
>> going on.
> I can do better than that, I will send you the pdf  (off-list) that is
> generated (same thing happens if I send to printer and to pdf).
> Otherwise, A4 paper and Safari on a mac (it’s one of those rare days I’m
> at a real desk with a non-tablet device).

OK, thanks. Unfortunately I can test that (no Safari on my platform).

> ...

Best regards, Julian

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