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Tim Bray tbray at textuality.com
Fri Jun 27 09:19:41 PDT 2014

On Fri, Jun 27, 2014 at 6:12 AM, Dave Crocker <dhc at dcrocker.net> wrote:
> This use of 'lineprinter' as a tag for text presentation is a clever bit
> of distracting marketing.  It places this category of RFC representation
> into a nicely archaic box, serving to reduce the sense of its current
> utility.

​It’s also a useful reminder in that getting an ASCII RFC to print properly
on a modern page-not-line printer is nontrivial; I can rarely get it to
work. ​

> The only problem is that printing is not its only use and well might not
> be its primary use.
> By way of the simplest possible example, please note that IETF
> discussions about draft revisions usually are in a form that is based on
> the text version and not on a markup version.  Sometimes xml2rfc form is
> used, but not that often.  Essentially never in html or epub or...
> Consider this the next time you see or create an old/new sequence during
> a discussion and let's stop trying to marginalize the text version with
> inappropriate tags.
> d/
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