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Now that's just deliberately insulting.

No one has suggested not being able to put things on an iPad.

However it also remains useful to put things reliably, and formatted at least to the point of not splitting things cross pages, on paper. Fanfold is just an transparent attempt to make an opinion not your own look archaic.

And this got raised because you may not want paper, but some of us do, and you at least now appear to be ready to steamroller those who disagree with you.

At the moment what appears to be on offer is
- Text, but freeflowing and not suitable (tables and figures will break).
- HTML, where some (but definitely not all) browsers might offer what you want, but at the least not guaranteed.
- PDF, where format is stated as not defined yet. (It's still my best hope, and I think people planning it are thinking of this issue, maybe more than they were.)

I was going to let this rest, I'd made my point, but your response stirred me to this.

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In article <B31EEDDDB8ED7E4A93FDF12A4EECD30D402F6675 at GLKXM0002V.GREENLNK.net> you write:
>No one I've noticed has suggested that all formats should have line numbers, be easily printable etc.

All of these issues have come up before, often more than once.  It could save considerable time if you'd review the past year's discussions on this list.

As noted the last several times we talked about this particular point, these days, a lot of us are much more interested in formats we can read and perhaps annotate on an iPad or Android tablet than ones that might be easier to print on fanfold paper.

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