[rfc-i] make diagrams non-normative?

Ted Lemon mellon at fugue.com
Wed Jun 25 14:54:35 PDT 2014

On Jun 25, 2014, at 4:28 PM, Dale R. Worley <worley at ariadne.com> wrote:
> I'd say a diagram is normative only to the degree that the text states
> that it is.

A diagram is normative if you can't implement the specification without it.   Normative diagrams are common in the routing area.   I'm not a big fan of them, but it's not our place to dictate how working groups do their work.   I came up with a method for doing packet diagrams in XML which can be used to produce alternative forms of the diagrams that are good for HTML output, ASCII art and screen readers:


I think there are similar tools kicking around--I just did this one as a demo.

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