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I am interested in RFCs and thus read rfc-interest, but don’t really have
the time to
​ watch a​
replay this debate, which went on for
​many ​
months and involved literally thousands of emails.  For the benefit of
those who are alarmed at the obsolescence of the 72-column 66-
​legacy ​
​it may be helpful to now that the issues you raise were discussed very
fully and at extreme length.  Also, that there are a large number of people
for whom dynamically-reflowed text which can be displayed legibly on a huge
variety of devices without the use of any tools other than those which
exist on every modern device, irresistibly advantageous. Also, that text
presented in variable-width resizable fonts is immensely more readable.
 Also that the legacy line-printer format was really hard to read on the
devices that many people need to use to get their work done.

The notion that you can’t have an engineering discussion about the details
of a spec without being able to refer to specific “line numbers” on
specific “page numbers” is either comical or offensive, not sure which.

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> No promises, but I'll try.
> With regard to what we're discussing here, and in case the full 118 pages
> is too much, any suggestions (sections or page numbers) as to what's
> particularly useful to look at with regard to these issues would be helpful.
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> On 2014-06-24 15:43, Dearlove, Christopher (UK) wrote:
> > How your words differ in substance from my abbreviated version, I'm not
> sure. You can't put two paragraphs in a (hypothetical) subject line.
> >
> > But you say
> >
> >> There will be some kind of PDF for sure that is pre-paginated, but
> >> there is no guarantee that page breaks will be manually tuned within
> >> that format (and that's what's happening for today's plain text RFCs).
> >
> > What happens today, when authors care, is to work with the RFC
> production team to get page breaks in the right place. Having one that
> work, it's available to all. Manual, but once and right. Better than not at
> all, not guaranteed, depends on each person's tools.
> That is true. But what's also true is that this only works for one
> specific page format, and that it causes a lot of manual work.
> > (If the XML schema had the right things in it, I could as an author
> > put in pagination hints, including things like table splitting. Then
> > automation would work cleanly.)
> It's good to hear that you're interested in the XML format. You may want
> to provide feedback on <
> http://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-hoffman-xml2rfc-08>.
> Best regards, Julian
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