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" If you're really interested you may want to look at PrinceXML which"

Is exactly the wrong mindset. We want someone who has heard about X, puts X into Google, and finds an RFC. (We'll assume it's a well-written RFC that is what he wants.) Unfortunately that search may not get the ideal, the tools page. But let's assume he's lucky and does.

Maybe HTML is what he wants to read online. There's a  link for that. Maybe he wants to print it. He knows that his browser is flaky on printing (*) - but there's a PDF link, that will do. He looks at the text version, but it isn't really offering him anything. Though when reading online it and PDF are similar. (I actually usually read text rather than HTML or PDF online, but that's due to familiarity.)

What he certainly isn't going to do is look at PrinceXML or anything else.

(*) [Off topic.] You say " It may be true that print support isn't a priority anymore for browser developers". Was it ever?

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On 2014-06-24 15:17, Dearlove, Christopher (UK) wrote:
> True with regard to that you need a tool to print the current text. But if I have such a tool, what it produces is well-defined.
> " It depends on what HTML was generated, and how capable the viewer is." is precisely the worst sort of answer.

The kind of HTML that will be generated depends on what the tool that is going to be written does. You can provide input to that.

The tool *I* currently use generates nice HTML, and has the information that is needed for a formatter to properly paginate. It may be true that print support isn't a priority anymore for browser developers; I can't change that.

If you're really interested you may want to look at PrinceXML which
*does* support all the paged media related HTML niceties, and has a free demo (which puts the vendor's logo on the title page).

> The advantage of PDF is it offers the possibility of a solution free of that ambiguity.

With all disadvantages that come with that. But yes, the plan is to produce PDF as well. It's just not yet clear what it'll look like.

Best regards, Julian

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