[rfc-i] Is there a use case for 2119 keyword markup?

Heather Flanagan (RFC Series Editor) rse at rfc-editor.org
Wed Jun 18 13:50:37 PDT 2014

Hello rfc-interest,

A question came up recently regarding whether there were any serious use
cases around semantically marking up RFC 2119 keywords (when used _as_
keywords) in the new format. 

In the HTML draft, it says:
3.3.1.  Requirement Keywords

   The RFC2119 keywords in the document will be set off with special
   markup.  They are surrounded with a <span> element containing the CSS
   class rfc2119.  For example:

   They <span class='rfc2119'>MUST</span> be surrounded

For this to happen, we need to add something to the XML vocabulary as
well.  Does anyone have a use case where this kind of markup would be
useful, or is it just a "nice to have, because we can, but not if it
increases the overall cost of creating RFCs"?

Note: Whether or not we decide to add markup around the keywords, the
current guidance around capitalization, etc, as described in RFC 2119
will still apply.

Feedback welcome,
Heather Flanagan, RSE

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