[rfc-i] xml.resource.org is up again

Tony Hansen tony at att.com
Fri Jun 6 12:11:00 PDT 2014

I pinged Henrik on this one -- a AAAA record was missing.

xml.resource.org should work now (again) over IPv6.

     Tony Hansen

On 6/6/14, 11:02 AM, George, Wes wrote:
> On 5/28/14, 11:00 AM, "Tony Hansen" <tony at att.com> wrote:
>> Because of the recent DNS changes for xml.resource.org, and the magic of
>> redirection, the DNS for xml.resource.org is essentially under IETF
>> control. Not 100%, but close enough. (xml.resource.org is now a CNAME
>> pointing to a name under ietf.org that we control.)
> Since it’s the anniversary of world IPv6 day, I disabled IPv4 at my desk
> and tried to do work. Happened to have a draft I needed to run through
> That ended badly:
> HDCMAC152433:~ e158182$ dig aaaa xml.resource.org
> xml.resource.org.       37      IN      CNAME   xml2rfc.ietf.org.
> xml2rfc.ietf.org.       860     IN      CNAME   zinfandel.tools.ietf.org.
> HDCMAC152433:~ e158182$ dig aaaa xml2rfc.ietf.org
> xml2rfc.ietf.org.       1799    IN      CNAME   zinfandel.tools.ietf.org.
> HDCMAC152433:~ e158182$ dig aaaa zinfandel.tools.ietf.org
> *crickets chirping*
> Please fix. Given Happy Eyeballs’ tendency to obscure IPv6 problem by
> seamlessly falling back to IPv4, testing with IPv4 disabled may need to
> become part of standard rollout procedure in order to ensure that it
> actually works over IPv6.
> Wes George
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