[rfc-i] <postalbody>

Julian Reschke julian.reschke at gmx.de
Sun Feb 16 02:54:40 PST 2014

> 2.31. <postalbody>
>    A method for presenting a postal address without using <street>,
>    <city>, <region>, <code>, and <country> elements.  Processors will
>    maintain horizontal whitespace and line breaks in the text of the
>    <postalbody> element.
>    This element appears as child element of: <postal> (Section 2.30).
>    Content model: only text content.

That's a bit weird. As whitespace this becomes an element that can not 
be indented in the source file. that is:

          42, Example Str

...will not produce what's intended.

I believe it would be better to have <postalline>, where whitespace is 
not significant, and allow that to repeat.


>    Contains optional child elements providing postal information.  These
>    elements will be displayed in an order that is processor-specific.
>    Thus, a postal address should probably contain only a set of
>    <street>, <city>, <region>, <code>, and <country> elements, or only a
>    single <postalbody> element, but not both.

That should be actually reflected in the grammar.

Best regards, Julian

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