[rfc-i] [xml2rfc] #230: center in figure does not work in 2.4.5

Julian Reschke julian.reschke at gmx.de
Sat Feb 15 06:24:09 PST 2014

On 2014-02-12 18:39, Jim Schaad wrote:
> I have tracked down the problem with this.
> The code for the tcl and the python assume that they can do this, but the
> dtd currently disallows for the feature to be implemented.  The DTD
> specifies  a default value for the align attribute of left.  This means that
> there is no ability to inherit the value from the figure.

That's why DTD defaults are a bad thing; the infoset of the document 
varies depending on whether you use a validating parser or not.

> Two options -
> Close the bug as won't fix and make sure it is correctly documented

The vocabulary spec currently says in 

> Used to change the alignment of <preamble> and <postamble>.
> Note: does not affect title or <artwork> alignment.
> Allowed values:
>     "left" (default)
>     "center"
>     "right"

So the behavior is consistent with the spec. Note also that you *can* 
align the artwork by setting the align attribute on <artwork>.

> Change the dtd so that the align attribute on artwork is implicit.

That's a good change as well. We should do that consistently for all 

>      Another possible change is to make the align attribute on figure as
> implicit as well based on the fact there is a default figure align PI
> implemented in the python version, but I am not sure it exists in the tcl
> version.

Please, no more processing instructions for things that are not specific 
to a certain processor.

Best regards, Julian

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