[rfc-i] Why? (was Re: For v3: draft-hoffman-xml2rfc-02.txt)

Dave Crocker dhc at dcrocker.net
Fri Feb 14 15:41:41 PST 2014

On 2/14/2014 3:36 PM, Paul Hoffman wrote:
> Greetings again. I made a handful of more changes to the proposed v3 spec.
> To discuss the new proposed features, please be sure to start a new thread Thanks!

I suggest that the portion of the document that cites what is changed 
also explain why it is deemed worthy.  Why make the change?

The goal is to facilitate review of the underlying rationale, not just 
the technical details.

Changes have costs.  Let's explain they they are being incurred.

Dave Crocker
Brandenburg InternetWorking

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