[rfc-i] References for non-standards

Yaron Sheffer yaronf.ietf at gmail.com
Wed Feb 12 12:17:04 PST 2014

+1 on XInclude.


On 02/12/2014 09:43 PM, Julian Reschke wrote:
> On 2014-02-12 20:37, Yaron Sheffer wrote:
>> ...
>> Convert-and-paste gets extremely messy - see my mail to Paul. The
>> examples in your document could do the job, but I would rather skip the
>> XML ENTITY definitions in favor of a more friendly syntax.
> Including stuff and improving the reference format are IMHO orthogonal
> issues.
> A simple proposal would be to just use XInclude; which has the benefit
> that for some implementations it might just mean flipping a switch.
> See <http://www.w3.org/TR/xinclude/#examples>.
> Best regards, Julian

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