[rfc-i] DOIs and RFCs

John Levine johnl at taugh.com
Tue Feb 11 17:13:44 PST 2014

Hi, Nico.  A lot of your questions are answered in the draft.

>Can the assignment of DOI be an algorithmic transformation of the
>RFC's normal "name" (RFCXXXX) and any aliases (STD...)?
>John's I-D doesn't say it, but going by the example given, it looks that way.

Yes, see section 2.  STD's need separate DOIs since some STDs are more
than one RFC.

>Assuming "yes" then I wonder why DOIs would have to be embedded in XML
>inputs to xml2rfc.

That's DOIs for references to documents that *aren't* RFCs.  Partly
that's to make the DOI people happy, partly that's to allow the
automatic data extraction.

>(Also assuming "yes" I'm not sure what tools would be needed to
>produce DOIs for existing RFCs other than... a Unix command-line shell
>and human being with the appropriate skills.

Not that much.  Submitting DOIs requires talking to an API with big
globs of XML containing bibliographic info.  It's nothing the usual
tools people couldn't handle.

>Also, I assume that I-Ds should not get DOIs assigned

Good lord, no.

>That musing about I-Ds brings me to: who is to be the publisher in the
>DOI sense?

Does it really matter?  It's whoever publishes RFCs now.

>Who pays?  Are there cost estimates?  $1 per-RFC for all past RFCs can
>get expensive for a volunteer organization.

If you divide the RFC Editor's budget by the number of RFCs published,
you'll find that each RFC costs about $3,000.  The cost of DOIs is
insignificant.  And see section 4.1 of the draft about the past RFCs.


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