[rfc-i] DOIs and RFCs

John Levine johnl at taugh.com
Tue Feb 11 15:57:37 PST 2014

>I don't see the benefit in creating another level of indirection for 

There really are journals and such that want DOIs on their references,
and there really are indexes that hide their copies of RFCs behind a
paywall.  See for example, this entry in the ACM Digital Library, with
a link that will offer to sell you a copy of RFC 1034 for $15:


Just because you and I know how to work around that doesn't mean
everyone else does.  If there were a DOI, that would be a direct link
to the DOI database which would redirect to a web page under our
control, for free.

Also, DOIs have some practical advantages for people writing papers in
that software can easily extract the bibliographic information for any
DOI, and software like bibtex can expand it into nice looking


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