[rfc-i] limiting repertoire of Unicode characters allowed?

Leonard Rosenthol lrosenth at adobe.com
Wed Nov 20 15:36:20 PST 2013

In general, font licensing rules are different than those for RFCs, in
that you don't necessary need to redistribute the font itself but only
enough of it to view the content (but not edit, per se).  That's how the
embedding rights for PDF & EPUB work.  Web fonts (such as Google or Adobe
TypeKit) have a similar model (though not exact).

BUT in this case, we are looking for font(s) that can be widely
distributed to all RFC editors for use in producing their documents (aka
running the production tools), so in that case we would need something
that is either open source (as Larry showed) or at least freely
distributable for use on various OS platform (which probably means
OpenType or TrueType format).


On 11/20/13 2:08 PM, "Bjoern Hoehrmann" <derhoermi at gmx.net> wrote:

>* Larry Masinter wrote:
>>I've been investigating some of the issues around PDF generation as well
>>as "archival quality HTML".
>>Some issues:
>>While Unicode support is widespread, not all characters have readily
>>available glyphs in commonly available fonts.   Are there freely
>>available fonts which are appropriate for RFCs?
>>a) have glyphs for the characters likely to appear in RFCs, either as
>>examples or in name characters?
>>b) proportional spacing, have a mono-space companion for ASCII art &
>>code, such that proportional spacing and mono-space look good together.
>>The font needs to be downloadable for HTML and embeddable for PDF.
>Are those all your criteria, or does "appropriate for RFCs" include that
>they need to be redistributable under a license compatible with what RFC
>documents are usually available under?
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