[rfc-i] limiting repertoire of Unicode characters allowed?

Larry Masinter masinter at adobe.com
Wed Nov 20 15:30:21 PST 2013

> Are those all your criteria, or does "appropriate for RFCs" include that
> they need to be redistributable under a license compatible with what RFC
> documents are usually available under?

I don't think those are all the criteria. Ability to distribute documents in 
HTML and PDF which reference the fonts is also important. HTML might
use webfonts, PDF can use embedded fonts in a way that doesn't require
the same license.

There are two open source fonts which might help:

Source Sans

Source Code Pro (monospaced)

which might be useful for delivering readable/printable RFCs on a 
variety of devices. I'm not sure about the availability of CJK in all of their
fullness under similar licenses.  I'm asking from some typographer help.
The question is about repertoire of characters.

I think this might also be an issue for W3C specs in HTML, although
I don't know if the W3C pubrules group has considered this.


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