[rfc-i] HTML2RFC Format Proposal

Phillip Hallam-Baker hallam at gmail.com
Fri Jul 12 13:23:05 PDT 2013

OK so I got really fed up with XML2RFC today and decided to do something
about it and finish a tool that I started a little while ago called

The HTML2RFC tool is one of the tools I am planning to release as part of
my 'Protocol Designer's Workbench' which is a collection of tools that I
have been using for several years in some cases that do a lot of the chores
involved in developing specs like writing schemas, example messages,
reference sections oh and it also dumps out a fully functional prototype of
the protocol.

The aim of HTML2RFC is to be able to write IDs without having to remember
any of the XML2RFC elements, attributes or bizarre nesting rules. So this
is a preprocessor for XML2RFC which takes as input HTML generated by the
usual tools, strips out all the garbage that many tools add in (spans,
divs, stylesheet info etc) and emits clean XML2RFC input.

The format is designed to allow the use of most HTML editors to edit the
code but may not work against document editors that use their own internal
format and produce HTML2RFC output. The format depends on the editor
generating HTML heading tags (e.g. <h1>) to mark document sections. It is
not practical to attempt to support converters that render all block
formatted text as <p> tags with different styles.

The attached document is a description of the proposed format. Comments

As you might guess from the fact that the document is in HTML, the tool is
not written yet.

Website: http://hallambaker.com/
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