[rfc-i] draft-iab-rfcformatreq-01

John Levine johnl at taugh.com
Fri Jan 18 15:29:13 PST 2013

>> >>> Also when you say monochrome, do you mean greyscale?  It's hard to
>> >>> think of a printer or display these days that can't do grey.
>AFAIK, the majority of Amazon Kindles have monochrome displays.

I'm holding a Kindle in my hand.  It does a perfectly adequate job of
displaying drawings and photos.  I think that if I look really closely
I might see dithering, but it's not very noticable.

>Requiring them to come up with a style guide up front seems premature.
>I'd say this bridge should be crossed when we come to it.

Agreed.  We should just note that the technology is there, and if we
can figure out how to use it, we will, eventually, maybe.


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