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#269: Discussion of UTF-8 in RFCs (Section 3.3)

Comment (by hlflanagan at gmail.com):

 I have revised the introductory text to section 3.3 to state:

 Some of the original requirements will be removed from consideration, but
 detailed rules regarding how these changes will be implemented will be
 documented in a future RFC.

 While I am leaving the retirement of ASCII as stated in section 3.3
 ("Limitation to 100% ASCII text ("The character codes are ASCII.")") I
 have also revised the text introducing UTF-8 as allowable in Section 3.2
 to be a bit more clear.

 New Section 3.2 text:

 The official language of the RFC Series is English.  ASCII is required for
 all "normative" text, i.e., text that must be read to understand or
 implement the technology described in the RFC.  UTF-8/Unicode text will be
 allowed for Author names and addresses and non-normative text within an
 RFC.  Author names and addresses will require an ASCII equivalent for
 indexing purposes.

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