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#270: Resources associated with allowing UTF-8 in RFCs (Section 3.3)

Comment (by hlflanagan at gmail.com):

 After some discussion, I have revised the ASCII/UTF-8 requirement in
 Section 3.2 to read:

 The official language of the RFC Series is English.  ASCII is required for
 all "normative" text, i.e., text that must be read to understand or
 implement the technology described in the RFC.  UTF-8/Unicode text will be
 allowed for Author names and addresses and non-normative text within an
 RFC.  Author names and addresses will require an ASCII equivalent for
 indexing purposes.

 Based on conversations with Henrik Levkowetz regarding allowing UTF-8 in
 to the RFC, this will require some code changes as well as some training
 of the RFC Editor staff, but it is definitely within our reach to allow
 for this change.

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