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#273: A rigorous memo

Comment (by hlflanagan at gmail.com):

 re: "Updates"
 This has been fixed.

 re: "copyright year"
 This has been fixed.

 re: memos versus documents
 That's because the series began as memos more than formal documents.  Both
 terms are valid in the context in which they are used.

 re: current Style Guidelines
 In the requirements section, "current" means "current to when an RFC is
 seeking to be published."  The Style Guide and the Boilerplate may change
 over time, and it doesn't make sense to revise the format requirements to
 point to a new Style Guide or Boilerplate each time one is published.

 re: Revisable formats
 This is an implementation detail.  We have discussed it, often using
 different language, on the mailing list several times over the past year.
 I expect it to come up again further over this year as well.

 Yes, this process has been challenging, but we have in fact gotten farther
 with this effort than any of the previous discussions to date, so it has
 also been worth the effort.

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